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Machine-To-Machine 'Voice' Has A Name, A Chirp, And A Niche

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Machine-To-Machine 'Voice' Has A Name, A Chirp, And A Niche

Postby sunnyd » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:23 am

Story :

Machines communicating by voice with other machines is a science fiction staple. But it's already being used by a bus service, Shuttl, to ease passenger boarding.

Instead of scanning a device with a barcode or using Near Field Communications (NFC), a Shuttl passenger uses her smartphone to transmit an R2D2-like sound to the driver's phone. An app sends a melodic and swift sound that completes the transaction. It doesn't need wireless connectivity -- or patience.

The technology is made by a U.K.-based firm called Chirp, and is aimed at the business-to-business market. Its competition is wireless technology.

Gartner sees a future in machine-to-machine communications, with either robots or bots, but it believes these systems will be speaking in English. "A natural-language conversation between two machines can be understood by a human. This improves both security and robustness," it said in a research report.

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