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DISH Awarded $1MN In Piracy Case Against Lool IPTV

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DISH Awarded $1MN In Piracy Case Against Lool IPTV

Postby sunnyd » Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:09 pm

Story :

The court found that Lool further violated DISH’s rights by using the Lool IPTV boxes to share pirated content between users, and that the Lool defendants encouraged that activity rather than taking simple steps to prevent it. Lool has been ordered to pay $1.05 million in recompense.

According to the court’s final judgement, the defendants - which included Lool Tech Co and Shenzhen Bilinren Technology Co, d/b/a Shenzhen Lool Tech Co - retransmitted channels in which DISH holds exclusive rights, and copyrighted works that air on those channels. In doing so, the court held that Lool directly infringed DISH’s exclusive rights to distribute and publicly perform the works that air on the channels by committing piracy.

“DISH works diligently with international programmers to legally deliver their content to consumers in the United States,” stated Alex Fonoroff, senior corporate counsel at DISH. “This judgment makes it clear that the courts will not stand by and allow unauthorized services like Lool to profit at the expense of consumers, programmers and lawful providers.”

As a result of the ruling, the Lool defendants and entities affiliated with them, including retailers and other sellers of the Lool IPTV device, are permanently enjoined from copying, retransmitting, distributing and promoting channels in violation of DISH’s rights. DISH also is enforcing the order against retailers who sell the Lool IPTV box and similar devices, including working with local investigators to identify retailers who sell the Lool IPTV box. DISH is also enforcing the order against ISPs that support the defendants' service, which will result in the partial or complete termination of the Lool IPTV service for users in the United States.

(That's the whole article).

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