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Footage Of Nintendo Switch System Menus Leaks Out To The Wild

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Footage Of Nintendo Switch System Menus Leaks Out To The Wild

Postby sunnyd » Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:18 am

Story :

When the press first got to try out the Nintendo Switch in New York City last month, Nintendo reps on hand were careful not to let anyone access the underlying system menus working behind the games on display. Today, though, an apparent video of that system software, and the initial setup for the console, has been posted to a message board by a user who says he's received early Switch hardware.

The short video, uploaded by NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot, goes through the basic setup process for the system using both the tablet touch screen and the (removable) Joy-Con controls. It also briefly cycles through the main menu for the system and examines some basic settings.
If the video is a fake, it's an extremely convincing one, complete with synced music and sound effects, a dummy system shell prototype (with controllers that appear to work), and faked pictures of the box as well. We're willing to believe that this is the real deal.

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