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Chrome Is The Most Popular Web Browser Of All

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Chrome Is The Most Popular Web Browser Of All

Postby sunnyd » Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:59 pm

Story :

For over a decade, Internet Explorer (IE), thanks to Microsoft's illegal crushing of Netscape, ruled the web browser field. Competitors, such as Mozilla Firefox, made runs at IE, but they barely dented IE's lead. Then came Google Chrome in 2008, and in short order, IE was in trouble.

Today, according to the federal government's Digital Analytics Program (DAP), Chrome dominates US web browser use. While Chrome doesn't have the 90-plus percent market margins that IE once did with 44.5 percent, nothing else comes close. IE lags far behind, with only 15.5 percent market share.

In fact, IE is in third place. Apple Safari has second place, with 25.4 percent.

How can Safari rate so highly? After all, on the desktop, macOS has only 9.2 percent of end-users. Its high ranking is almost certainly because DAP's summary numbers don't distinguish between desktop and mobile-based browsers. Fifty-nine percent of visitors to government websites used a desktop, while 35.1 percent used a smartphone and 5.9 percent visited with a tablet.

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Re: Chrome Is The Most Popular Web Browser Of All

Postby Beefheart » Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:27 am

Hilarious how they don't give Mozilla much credit. I seem to remember them leading 60-40 vs. IE in 2008ish.

Now, just about every third party browser out there is sourced from Chromium. (Chromium? The opensource version from which the base code in Chrome is derived.)
They dumped whatever they had and started over from it. Everything but Mozilla!
Although its very possible that even it, and Safari.. contain a little chromium at least.

They had a lot more money to throw at it than Mozilla had ever dreamed of.
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