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Police Arrest 24 For Selling Pirated Software (China)

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Police Arrest 24 For Selling Pirated Software (China)

Postby sunnyd » Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:08 pm

Story :

Police have arrested 24 people across China accused of selling more than 44 million yuan ($7 million) worth of pirated computer software, law enforcement officials said Wednesday at a press conference.

The arrests were part of a broader police effort this year to crack down on intellectual property crimes.

Hongkou police began investigating the case after the software's developer, the Shanghai subsidiary of Glodon Software Co, filed a complaint that many online shops on were selling pirated copies of their product, an expensive specialty program used to analyze the cost of construction projects.

"We found an abundance of shops selling the pirated software online, more than 100 of which were of a pretty large scale," said Xi Jiarong, a senior officer with the Hongkou police's economic investigation division.

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