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BitTorrent Inks Movie Promotion Deal With Cinedigm

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BitTorrent Inks Movie Promotion Deal With Cinedigm

Postby sunnyd » Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:55 pm

Story :,2817,2418020,00.asp

BitTorrent has teamed up with digital distributor Cinedigm to support the upcoming release of feature film Arthur Newman, the first time Hollywood film content has premiered within the torrent ecosystem.

Before the movie's limited theatrical release on Friday, users can download and watch the first 10 minutes of the Colin Firth/Emily Blunt movie via the BitTorrent bundle.

"This is a visionary move by Cinedigm and represents a significant shift in how the media industry perceives BitTorrent," Shahi Ghanem, chief strategy officer of BitTorrent, said in a statement. "Cinedigm is one of our most forward-thinking partners and the first with a theatrical release of such magnitude. We're able to connect Cinedigm with real movie fans that actively support content creators and by doing so BitTorrent can demonstrate how we add value through continued innovation."

Included in BitTorrent's Arthur Newman bundle is the exclusive 10-minute video, more than 50 behind-the-scenes stills, a high-resolution movie poster, and the film's trailer.

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