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Finnish Sites Blacking Out Tomorrow In Support Of Copyright Petition

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Finnish Sites Blacking Out Tomorrow In Support Of Copyright Petition

Postby sunnyd » Mon Apr 22, 2013 8:51 pm

Story :

Tomorrow marks the half-way point of Avoin Ministeriö, or Open Ministry's campaign to make the Finnish copyright law more fair. To help gather enough signatures, Finnish websites are blacking out and leading visitors to sign the online petition in support of a Common Sense in Copyright Law proposal.

"The idea is to follow the model that was in use in the US where companies take part in campaigning when there is an injustice. So the blackout day is a chance for Finnish companies to speak out against this far-reaching copyright law," says Joonas Pekkanen of Avoin Ministeriö.

In the U.S., these campaigns generally ask supporters to call their congressmen or sign a petition to make some noise, but Finnish legislation offers a much more concrete method to effect change. Just over a year ago, Finland amended the national constitution so that any petition that reaches 50,000 signatures must be brought to the parliament floor for a vote. At the time of publishing, this proposal has gathered 26,348 signatures.

Finland's copyright law has been called too far reaching, especially after the controversy that resulted after a nine year-old girl had her home raided by the police and had her Winnie the Pooh decorated laptop confiscated after attempting to download Finnish pop star Chisu's latest album.

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