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Defense Lawyers Fire Back At Prenda’s “Know Nothing” Defense

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Defense Lawyers Fire Back At Prenda’s “Know Nothing” Defense

Postby sunnyd » Thu Apr 11, 2013 2:34 pm

Story :

The various lawyers linked with Prenda law have been, one at a time, filing their statements with the court. Paul Hansmeier filed his response to Judge Wright's order on Tuesday, and the final Prenda-linked attorney, John Steele, has now filed his. It has mostly similar defenses, suggesting that Steele's got nothing much at all to do with these cases.

Steele went further yesterday, telling an adult industry news publication that until two months ago he had never even heard of the Ingenuity 13 case in front of US District Judge Otis Wright, who has harshly questioned Steele and his partners. Last week, Steele and Hansmeier refused to testify at a hearing about their behavior.

"Obviously I disagree with some of the bizarre claims of criminal conduct thrown around by people without any proof," Steele told adult industry news site XBIZ. "I can say that I never even heard of the case in front of Judge [Otis] Wright until two months ago and have never appeared in a California case in my life.... this latest effort funded by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to stop anti-piracy litigation will fail."

That's odd, since the case was originally filed by Prenda Law. Brett Gibbs is the attorney prosecuting the case, but Gibbs has testified that it was Steele and Hansmeier who were supervising him.

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