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Bitcoin Crashes, Losing Nearly Half Of Its Value In Six Hours

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Bitcoin Crashes, Losing Nearly Half Of Its Value In Six Hours

Postby sunnyd » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:49 pm

Story :

On Wednesday afternoon, the Bitcoin bubble appears to have burst. As of this writing, its current value is around $160 - down from a high of $260. (It fell as low as $130 today.) There is no obvious explanation for why the digital currency has fallen so far and so fast, although the market correcting after such a huge rise might be a good explanation. (Update 4:05pm CT: Bitcoin seems to have somewhat recovered and appears to be hovering around $200. Update 6:00pm CT: The exchange rate has fallen back to around $160.)

Some redditors have taken solace in a comment thread entitled "Hold Spartans."

"This is just the market venting some pressure after these huge gains," wrote anotherblog. "To be honest I'm glad it's happening now. If it recovers, it will demonstrate resilience in the market and give confidence to future buyers and current holders that they don't need to panic sell, reduce the chances of a crash in the future."

Coincidentally, the plunge came several hours after a reddit user by the name of “Bitcoinbillionaire” suddenly, spontaneously decided to give away around $12,000 (more than 63 BTC) worth of the digital currency. Bitcoinbillionaire rewarded 13 seemingly random redditors, then stopped the whirlwind spree after about eight hours. At the moment, no evidence links the currency's plunge with this random reddit charity.

Partial credit for the article goes to Zerohedge.

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