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The Spammer Who Logged Into My PC And Installed Microsoft Office

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The Spammer Who Logged Into My PC And Installed Microsoft Office

Postby sunnyd » Wed Apr 10, 2013 6:13 pm

Story :

It all began with an annoying text message sent to an Ars reader. Accompanied by a Microsoft Office logo, the message came from a Yahoo e-mail address and read, "Hi, Do u want Microsoft Office 2010. I Can Remotely Install in a Computer."

The recipient promptly answered "No!" and then got in touch with us. Saying the spam text reminded him of the "'your computer has a virus' scam," the reader noted that "this seems to be something that promises the same capabilities, control of your computer and a request for your credit card info. Has anyone else seen this proposal?"

I hadn't seen this particular scam, so there was only one thing to do: take the scammer up on his offer and let him go to town on a spare copy of Windows. Ultimately, I did get that copy of Microsoft Office, and there were no viruses sent my way. Even when I failed to pay the $30 fee we had agreed upon, the scammer didn't bother attacking my computer in any way. He was just a nice guy, basically - making a dishonest living from the comfort of his own home.

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