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"Six Strikes" Copyright Alert System Names Surprisingly Good Advisors

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"Six Strikes" Copyright Alert System Names Surprisingly Good Advisors

Postby sunnyd » Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:15 pm

Story :

The Center for Copyright Information, the organization tasked with overseeing a new anti-piracy scheme negotiated by the nation's leading content companies and ISPs last summer, began to take shape Monday as the organization announced its executive director and several members of its advisory board. The picks suggest that the architects of the "Copyright Alert" system may be making a serious effort to strike a balance between the interests of copyright holders and the rights of users.

Leading the organization as its executive director will be Jill Lesser, whose résumé includes a stint at the liberal advocacy group People for the American Way and time as an executive at AOL Time Warner. In a statement, she pledged to focus on "education and deterrence, not punishment."

CCI also named several people for its advisory board. Jerry Berman, founder of the Center for Democracy and Technology (where Lesser serves as a board member) will advise the organization. So will Marsali Hancock of and Jules Polenetsky of the Future of Privacy Forum.

The most surprising choice for the advisory board is Gigi Sohn of Public Knowledge, who has been one of the most persistent critics of major content companies and their campaign for ever-harsher copyright laws. In an emailed statement, Sohn said that she still had some concerns about the way the "Copyright Alert" system works, but she hopes that serving on the CCI's advisory board will allow her to "advocate for the rights of Internet users and to provide transparency."

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Postby tmc » Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:38 pm

Somehow I'm thinking we're going to see industry commercials comming sooner rather than later.. parodied on the emergcy broadcast system... and oil industry commerical propaganda.

Attention! This is the copyright altert system! Just because you can download at 10, 20, 50, 100 megabits and more doesn't give you the riight to pirate our content! In addition to all the bad things we can do to ruin your life, we have benevolently (after getting tail stuck between legs on SOPA) this is our plan "B" to bribe your ISPs to cut you off should you not listen to u$. Make no mistake, even though ISPS are raising their rates, we'll give them matching funds to prevent you from pirating! No, seriously... we found it's cheaper to do this than pay constant lawyer pay increases and court fees!

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Now back to your regularly scheduled DRM show!
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