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121 New BitTorrent Users Sued for Copyright Infringement

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121 New BitTorrent Users Sued for Copyright Infringement

Postby SlyckTom » Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:03 pm

At some point, the drivel of smaller adult oriented BitTorrent lawsuits, which typically focus only several dozen John Does at a time, will eventually catch up to the massive scale of The Hurt Locker or The Expendables. When (and if) that occurs, we wonder if the smarter strategy of keeping numbers to a minimum will tick off the Courts like the US Copyright Group has managed to do.

It makes a lot more sense to sue, say 35 individuals for sharing some cock porn flick, than 3,500 in one shot. Could one argue that 35 people in the US District Court jurisdiction of northern Illinois shared a video from the "Amateur Allure" series? Sure, that's doable - not so much when P2P litigators get into the thousands of John Does. The courts have already told the USCG on several occasions that such a tactic won't fly - how is it possible that so many can share the same movie within one jurisdiction? The argument doesn't sell and the courts aren't buying it.

While has kept individual suits to a minimum, the total numbers are adding up. Today 4 more copyright actions were filed against a total of 121 individuals, here's the latest:

Three of the actions were filed on behalf of Hard Drive Productions - who produces the popular Amateur Allure series. 35 were sued for allegedly sharing "Paige", 27 were sued for "Trudy", while "Kim" had the fewest fan with only 25 individuals sued.

Pacific Century International also got into the action, where 34 were sued for supposedly sharing "Amateur Creampies – Sensi Pearl".

All 4 actions were file by's John Steele in Illinois' Northern District Court. Let's see how long it takes for them to get sick of reading about Amateur Creampies...


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