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5th Anniversary Of WinMX Revival

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5th Anniversary Of WinMX Revival

Postby Dazzle_2 » Tue Sep 21, 2010 2:48 pm

In the next few days (22nd/23rd) it will have been 5 years ago that WinMX and its community of users was saved from the junk pile of old p2p apps by many "technical" users and thousands of supporters all working together to make a miracle happen, most of you know the story of the closure and some of the story of the revival and I,m sure many folks who did a lot of the behind the scenes activity didnt receive any thanks, they know who they are and I hope they still feel proud of what took place and how so many folks came together to "brainstorm" a solution in just 3 days.

Five years down the line the WinMX Community has calmed down and united to work together in the main and its still a relaxing place to share files and have a chat with friends, although the network is on a slow decline at this time with a new client project underway and thus scope for updates, the future will I hope improve.

One interesting point to note here is that with this forthcoming anniversary the revived WinMX network (WPN) has been operating for longer than even the original operators where able to do so, perhaps ensuring in the future any threatened client is made open src will ensure that it survives and flourishes, as has been the case for Limewire and Ares, and hopefully in time the new client for the WPN, its been a long hard road some of the time but the WinMX community is still here and the networks still alive , what more could anyone want :thumbup:

Happy anniversary folks and fellow users 8)
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