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SATA-only power supply, IDE device

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SATA-only power supply, IDE device

Postby multivariable » Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:49 pm

The power supply on my PC recently shit itself, so I took the machine to the shop to get the power supply replaced.

The old power supply had both SATA and IDE power cables coming from it, and connected to it were a SATA HDD (operating system), a SATA DVD writer, and a large capacity IDE HDD (full of ill-gotten data :wink: ).

Before I took the machine to the shop, I removed the IDE hard drive because I didn't want the repairman snooping at its contents. Therefore, the repairman presumably had no idea that I had been using IDE devices.

The replacement power supply has no IDE power cables, only SATA.

My problem is this: my mobo only has two SATA controllers (both being used), and two IDE controllers that I now can't use because I can't connect IDE devices to the power.

I've been trying to find an adapter to enable me to plug my IDE device to a SATA power supply cable, but do you think I can find one?

There's no shortage of adapters for connecting a SATA device to an IDE power cable, but not the other way around.

Any idea where i can find one of these babies?
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Re: SATA-only power supply, IDE device

Postby HouseCrowd » Fri Apr 16, 2010 12:58 am

I think this may be what you're looking for:


As you probably found, they can be a bit difficult to find, since IDE -> SATA power adaptors are much more common, so that's what most of any search results consist of.

Try searching for "Sandberg IDE SATA power connector"

Not sure if there's an Oz version of 'Google Products', but here's the UK results for those terms: ... ector&aq=f
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Re: SATA-only power supply, IDE device

Postby IneptVagrant » Sun Apr 18, 2010 12:47 am

Look for "molex female to sata", I found 5 or 6 places to get what you need in 10 mins. They are fairly new, they didn't exist last time I looked for em.
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