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Another scam by Usenext

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Re: Another scam by Usenext

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Jul 13, 2009 11:21 am

you're a moron. don't you even notice that your spam links to only thing worse than an asshole spammer is a STUPID asshole spammer.
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Re: Another scam by Usenext

Postby DarkAssassin31 » Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:57 am

lol... sorry to bump an old post, but LOL...
I signed up to UseNEXT 10 mins ago, and cancelled 2 mins after...
I hope they dont keep charging the s*** outta me, oh well doesnt matter ive got no funds on my debit card anyway xD.

Has there ever been a case where UseNEXT continues to bill you randomly even if u've received a freakin email saying its gonna be cancelled at said date?

Even the email is VERY sus. today's the 21st of July here, and it said it'll be cancelled on the 2nd of August. Why not now? I have the awkward feeling im gonna get charged :thumbdn:

Hello XXXXX, you have ordered a UseNeXT package a few minutes ago. Your desired payment method is PayPal. Please click on the following link to complete your PayPal payment: ... gToken=ENG
Please make sure that your browser settings allow the use of cookies (Internet Explorer: "Tools -> Internet options -> Privacy"; please activate the option "allow all cookies"). ==============================================================PLEASE NOTICE:You have to complete your PayPal payment in order to successfully activate your UseNeXT account! If your payment is not completed within 10 days from now, your account will automatically be closed and cannot be used anymore.

Owned, the payment didnt even go through xD

Does anyone know how to close partial transactions in PayPal? coz honestly, i cant find anything on it.
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Re: Another scam by Usenext

Postby djm101 » Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:04 pm

We've posted an article about their practices here: Usenext: is it a scam?
Any of your horror stories or stories in general would be appreciated in the comments. Hopefully the better this ranks in Google the less people will fall in to the trap in the first place.
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Re: Another scam by Usenext

Postby DANJOU » Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:14 am

I have had 3 con­tracts with usenext and the most recent end­ing end of 2008, in July 2009 I received an auto­mated invoice for 15.95 euros for a con­tract that I can­celled in 2007 over 2 years ago. I logged onto the usenext site, it was show­ing can­celled and could not under­stand how i owed money so far back when i had been pay­ing reg­u­lar premi­ums since. Then I received a let­ter from a debt col­lector ask­ing for 85 euros, I have asked for a copy of my con­tract and i did receive an invoice auto gen­rated. The whole thing looked like a scam espe­cially the pro­fak­tura let­ter which asked for my bank details and date of birth, they stated that they do not accept cheques of any other form of pay­ment. There a hun­dreds of other people who are also being sent demand for accounts over 2 years old.

Please post your comments here ... /#comments

so that other people are aware of usenext and do not have the same trouble we are having.
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