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Postby TcE » Fri Sep 08, 2006 5:25 pm

There Back Guys!!
a long anticipated site is back online and kicking, finally lolz


Yes, that's right people, we're officially back online and now hosted by PRQ Inet! With the server setup and managed by The Pirate Bay's co-founder Anakata himself. Now I know alot of people probably got pissed after we were offline for so long, and probably thought I ran off with all the donations we received (BIG thanks for that btw). But, the truth is, after the whole Alcohol-Soft issue I pretty much had no choice but to wait for them. Because the Alco-Goons would've harassed anyone else and we'd have gone right back offline (ie. a waste of what little cash we have). They were a little short on hardware too (police raid), which means we don't exactly have a top of the line server, but we are fully dedicated and it should do for now.

A few minor kinks, the forums are offline until I have more time to tweak the server and ensure they don't break anything (plus IPB needs updating). The proxy is offline aswell, the public portion any ways, until I get a few things moved here and properly linked up with the rest of the proxy chain (should be doing this later today). All staff members, you guys still have access to both and should be able to login and start updating everything.

Any ways, we're back and should be fully back in business within a few days. I also have a few things planned for the site here in a bit so stay tuned and, as always, enjoy!

Took me longer than I thought to get the proxy chain updated. Because there was an issue with Anakata's original firewall script and allowing outbound FTP connections (so our staff can upload with it). But he emailed me a quick fix that worked, so it's up and running again.

Forums are up too, sorry to everyone that was wanting to congratulate us earlier (or bitch how your life went to shit when we went offline). But there were quit a few vulnerabilities in older IPB builds and knowing the crowd that visits here it wouldn't have taken long for some prick to exploit them. A few of you may know that you-know-who got hit by somebody using one...

All Donators - You guys/gals can PM your info to get upgraded to ViP status now. I just need the email address you used and the ID of the transaction for verification. I also wanna give you guys a BIG thank you, as we couldn't have bought the new server without your help. Oh, and to those who got my real name during the period PayPal dropped my business status, please don't go around calling me by my first name. Because people like the Alco-Fucks would have their lawyers here in like 5 minutes flat (your shit's still listed btw, pricks). rolleyes.gif

Any ways, enjoy! wink.gif
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Postby maniac3000 » Fri Sep 08, 2006 6:20 pm


Great news, fantastic site.

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Postby Trev0r269 » Fri Sep 08, 2006 10:53 pm

Somehow I don't think this news belongs in the 'other' file sharing catagory, but I am very happy to hear the site it back up.
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