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Limewire 4.12.3 released

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Limewire 4.12.3 released

Postby blackspawn » Thu Jun 22, 2006 3:47 pm

After 4 months of development a new "official" limewire version is released.

LimeWire 4.12 is a major improvement to LimeWire, including many new and improved features to keep LimeWire safe, secure, and speedy. This release contains support for 'secure results', which will prevent spammers from sending search results that could open a browser window. LimeWire 4.12 also features the ability to enable content filtering. The core of LimeWire has been completely rewritten to use less memory, resources, and be overall nicer on your computer.

There's a ton of minor improvements, many of which have been requested for years. Changes like:
- Sorting the bitrate correctly.
- A prettier LimeWire icon when using alt-tab.
- Easier ways for people to change LimeWire's language.
- LimeWire PRO will always show a PRO splash, regardless of the theme.
- A prettier setup wizard.
- LimeWire respects the OSX dock & Windows taskbar when sizing itself.
- Not displaying the 'No Internet Connection' dialog multiple times.
- The ability to append (#) and use that as a default when downloading (contributed by MaTZ!).
- A 'Search More' feature to get more results without erasing the current ones (contributed by Philip Schalm!).
- Automatic configuration of the Windows firewall.

Full changelog

It seems that Bittorrent integration and a DHT are next in line ;)
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