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INTENT MediaWorks Introduces Family Friendly Music Downloads

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INTENT MediaWorks Introduces Family Friendly Music Downloads

Postby SlyckTom » Tue Mar 29, 2005 1:21 pm

INTENT MediaWorks Introduces Family Friendly Music Downloads with New P2P Software

NEW YORK & ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 29, 2005--INTENT MediaWorks (INTENT) announced today that it has released the first Family Friendly peer-to-peer, (P2P), software that only includes authorized copy-written music and videos. The software, called MyPeer(TM), is P2P file trading software that operates on the public P2P Networks such as GNUTELLA and allows only Family Friendly and legally authorized content to be traded between P2P users.

"Everyone in the industry has been waiting for an Internet solution that is Family Friendly for downloading music and movies," said Les Ottolenghi, President of INTENT MediaWorks. "Up until now most commercial download sites and software have included mature and explicit material. This has meant the family has been overlooked," added Ottolenghi. "While parents know their kids will go to the Internet for downloading, parents want it to be safe and include media that promotes positive values, INTENT has come up with such a solution," said Ottolenghi.

MyPeer is available for download immediately. The software can scan thousands of computers per minute for legal and authorized shared files, filtering out the illegal uploading and downloading of MP3 music files, DVD video files, digital pictures and electronic books.

"This is an amazing achievement. A Family Values P2P client is something everyone in the media industry claims they want. Our company has tested the software and works by including only the files that parents and authorized users submit, have reviewed and which are given a General Audiences rating," said Narsi Narasimhan, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer of Paalam Technologies: "INTENT has been providing the distribution of legal files from artists and content copyright holders for one year and has had great results, but, now with the iPeer and MyPeer P2P applications, INTENT has taken the lead in providing solutions to the marketplace that avoid intellectual property infringement and support positive values."

"MyPeer goes beyond just music and video Internet downloads, it provides a much needed Family Friendly option for parents and their kids," said Al Smith President of BlackSmith Productions a New York based media producer and partner of INTENT MediaWorks.

"MyPeer allows BlackSmith to rollout positive, no-debasing music to families, cause based organizations (CBOs), and faith based organizations (FBOs)," said Smith. "We work with several cause based and religious organizations. In the next ninety days, BlackSmith plans to distribute MyPeer to over 50,000 members of CBOs and an equal number to FBOs in order to do filetrading via the Internet. We think this is the way to provide quality and safety to a market looking for something better, something more than what the mainstream media sells," added Smith.

Martin Gray, President of Gray & Associates, a technology and media consulting firm has analyzed the market for MyPeer. "MyPeer filters shared files and enables Family Friendly content to be traded via the P2P networks. Our tests of MyPeer show that it works fast and easily. Families should be reassured that this is the way to go if they want to protect their children or teenagers downloading music or videos from the Internet," said Gray.

"When you examine the market for music and video, the major entertainment organizations have missed a huge opportunity. Typically there is a race to the moral bottom with mainstream content. A technology like MyPeer serves the overlooked Family and Values market," added Martin.

MyPeer is available for testing and licensing by contacting INTENT MediaWorks at:
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