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KL doesn´t convert .dat files any more

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KL doesn´t convert .dat files any more

Postby Aditu » Sun Oct 10, 2004 4:37 am

I had to reinstall Kazaa-Lite and I just pasted the old .dat-files into the new download folder. But Kazaa doesn´t convert the .dat-files upon finishing the download. That doesn´t happen with files I added through the new KL.

I can locate the .dat files and view them with avi-preview but is there a way to convert them manually?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Postby red duck » Sun Oct 10, 2004 5:07 am

if you want to convert .dat file into a .mpg file you can use vcdgear
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Postby j_dogg » Sun Oct 10, 2004 6:00 am

Actually I'm pretty sure just raming the .dat to .??? will suffice.

The reason this happens is becuase you have moved the .dat's from the folder you were originally downloading them too. If you can remember the exact path, then recreate it, set it as your d/l dir and move them back there. Or use vcdgear, or rename it. Take your pick.
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Postby HouseCrowd » Sun Oct 10, 2004 7:43 am

As JD says, so long as the download is complete, you can usually get away with just renaming the dat file.
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Postby Mr. Alzheimer » Sun Oct 10, 2004 7:55 am

I'm not sure if renaming the file will work, but I don't think you even have to rename it. I'm pretty sure you can simply right-click the file and select "open with" and select your media player. (not sure if this is possible in alernate OS, like Linux or Mac OS)

I had success doing this once. I was downloading a movie in iMesh, and for some reason it was never finished. (it stopped at 99 % :( ) However, when I right-clicked the .dat file and chose to open it in Windows Media Player (yup! I'm using Windows Media Player, and I'm loving it! :D ) it seemed to be working perfectly.
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Postby j_dogg » Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:00 am

Renaming it should most definately work, considering that's all Kazaa does once it's finished downloading them... BUt yea, only if it's 100% complete, I've had that same situation with the 99% Mr A mentioned, and I use the same method to view the file (if it's a movie).
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Postby Aditu » Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:43 am

Thank you all, renaming worked out just fine...

I can´t believe I´ve already begun searching the web for a prog to convert .dat files manually without thinking about something that simple ;)
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Postby j_dogg » Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:50 am

No problem. Glad we could help.
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Postby ElsaPaak » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:47 am

I can't believe you ppl don't know this prog, and/or that you didn't know about partial file playing. In winamp, it works REALLY well, it updates every time you click it in there.

.dat file viewer v1.5
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your Kazaa (*.dat) partially downloaded files.

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it'd run fine with any .dat file used by
Kazaa, iMesh or Grokster.

This program is provided "as is", etc, etc,
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( Compressed with UPX v1.24w )
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