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“Known copyright troll” lawyer files new lawsuit over Nextflix Fyre Festival doc

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“Known copyright troll” lawyer files new lawsuit over Nextflix Fyre Festival doc

Postby MrFredPFL » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:05 am

Story :

The lawsuit was filed yesterday by lawyer Richard Liebowitz, and comes two months after he secured a settlement for a client in an almost identical case. There, a woman named Clarissa Cardenas said that footage she had filmed from inside one of the tents at the festival was used without permission.

That Liebowitz has filed another lawsuit similar to the Cardenas case will probably come as no surprise and some dismay to New York judges. The lawyer has launched hundreds of copyright infringement cases in recent years, mainly related to unauthorised images on websites.

Although he enjoyed some success in his previous case against Netflix, things have not always gone so well. According to Law360, during one case a judge referred to him as a “known copyright troll” and ordered the attorney to attend a training course on “ethics and professionalism”.

In another, one of Liebowitz’s clients was ordered to hand over $120,000 in attorney fees to the defendants on the grounds that they had put their name to a lawsuit that “no reasonable lawyer with any familiarity with the law of copyright” should have filed. The lawyer has also been sanctioned himself numerous times.

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