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Pay-for-Play: Is sport on TV in danger of eating itself?

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Pay-for-Play: Is sport on TV in danger of eating itself?

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:49 pm

Story :

Sky’s recent announcement that they will be launching their new Sports Extra package on August 1st clarified just how much sport viewers will now be able to get through a single subscription. But one key detail has still to be announced - the price.

Since 2016, Eir had been the official distributors of the BT Sport pack in Ireland, with Eir broadband customers receiving the package for free as part of their plan. However, after Sky stepped in and made a more lucrative offer they took over the distribution of BT Sport and, with it, monopolised the vast majority of sport on subscription television in Ireland.

While TV rights deals with subscription broadcasters are hugely lucrative for both governing bodies and teams – the Premier League’s most recent domestic deal brought in a total of £4.55 billion (€5.1billion) – figures within the industry believe the tide may be turning somewhat in favour of more exposure with the subscription TV model as we know it coming to an end.

No subscription television channel can match the reach of terrestrial and for some sports that reach is becoming more and more important. For instance, in 2016 – the first year of Sky broadcasting the British Open – the peak viewership figure for Sunday’s final round duel between Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson was just 1.1 million. Twelve months earlier 4.7 million tuned into the BBC to watch Zach Johnson lift the Claret Jug at St Andrews despite the fact that the final round took place on a Monday.

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