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Inside the Lawsuit That Could Shake Up the Entire Esports Industry

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Inside the Lawsuit That Could Shake Up the Entire Esports Industry

Postby MrFredPFL » Fri May 31, 2019 12:33 am

Story :

Are professional esports players, many of whom are relatively young and unseasoned in business dealings, being played by the more sophisticated organizations that employ them?

This question lies at the heart of a complaint recently filed by Turner Tenney, a player professionally known as Tfue, in Los Angeles Superior Court. Tenney argues that his gamer contract violates California law. If Tenney prevails, the validity of other players’ contracts with gaming companies would be called into question.

Tenney, 21, has sued FaZe Clan, Inc., an esports entertainment company with whom Tenney signed an agreement in April 2018. The agreement concerns Tenney’s membership on FaZe Clan’s team for Fortnite. Tenney, by many accounts, is the LeBron James or Naomi Osaka of Fortnite—he is among the game’s top players and wins tournament after tournament.

In the esports world, Tenney is also a genuine celebrity. He is one of the most prominent influencers of products and services. Tenney views his contract with FaZe Clan as grossly failing to capture his high standing within esports.

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