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Web video, P2P drive increase in global film and TV piracy

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Web video, P2P drive increase in global film and TV piracy

Postby MrFredPFL » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:40 pm

Story :

Research from conditional access and content security specialist Irdeto has found that consumers who prefer piracy over legal video sites are ensuring that peer-to-peer piracy continues to be the major method of accessing illegal copies of movies and TV shows.

This research looked at P2P and web video trends in 19 high piracy countries: US, Russia, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, UK, and Ukraine. Data on visits to P2P and web video sites provided by a web analytics partner covered activity at 962 piracy sites from January through September 2017.

Irdeto found that that the growth in web video piracy is only adding to the global movie and TV piracy problem, rather than replacing P2P piracy and that the overall popularity of pirate web video sites is growing alongside P2P, driven by visits from so-called ‘casual’ pirates who go to both legitimate sites and illegal piracy sites.

Statistically ,the research found that half of monthly visits to pirate sites by casual pirates in 2017 were to web video sites. However, in 2017, four-fifths of monthly visits to pirate sites by ‘committed’ pirates, those who do not visit legitimate streaming sites, were to P2P sites.

the full paper from Irdeto is linked at the end of the article.

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