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Man from Earth Sequel Pirated -- By Its Creators

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Man from Earth Sequel Pirated -- By Its Creators

Postby manfromearth » Sun Apr 01, 2018 6:24 pm

Story :

With the file-sharing wars in full swing, 2007 saw the movie The Man From Earth being pirated all over the Internet, but its creators didn't fight the movement. Instead, they embraced pirates and thanked them for their attention. More than a decade on its sequel, The Man From Earth: Holocene, is again being shared on The Pirate Bay. But this time its creators put it there themselves.

I'm the filmmaker, Richard Schenkman, and it's true that back in January we uploaded the movie ourselves to the filesharing community, in the hopes that viewers would enjoy the film, and, if they could afford to, visit and make a donation directly to the filmmakers. Now that Amiable and presumably others have ripped the commercially-released BluRay and posted the file online, we want to remind viewers that while movies may be free to watch, they are not free to make, and we hope they will do the right thing and support independent filmmakers by making a donation directly to the source! Thank you!
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