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Court: Accused Pirate Doesn’t Have to ‘Spy’ on Family Members

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Court: Accused Pirate Doesn’t Have to ‘Spy’ on Family Members

Postby MrFredPFL » Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:30 pm

Story :

A German court has ruled that a man, whose Internet connection was used to share pirated films, cannot be required to 'spy' on his family members. The law firm representing the Internet subscriber stresses that these kinds of investigations violate the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which protects respect for private and family life.

Attorney Christian Solmecke, who represented the defendant, informs TorrentFreak that subscribers indeed have an obligation to ask household members if they have anything to do with the claimed infringement, but it pretty much ends there.

“However, if they deny any wrongdoing, the subscriber is not obliged to continue ‘investigating’ the matter. For instance, they are under no circumstances expected to search computers, tablets etc,” Solmecke adds.

The District Court of Charlottenburg agreed and decided that the father cannot be held liable for damages. The fact that he questioned the other members of the household, which yielded no results, was sufficient in this case.

it's nice to see sane court rulings.

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