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Best View of Saturn's Rings Until 2032—How to See It

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Best View of Saturn's Rings Until 2032—How to See It

Postby MrFredPFL » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:30 pm

Story :

While the planet is at its biggest and brightest for the year, its rings are in a position that won’t be seen again for 15 years.

Arguably the most majestic planet in the solar system, Saturn is about to appear its biggest and brightest in our evening skies for the entire year. What’s more, its iconic rings will be striking a dramatic pose that we won’t see again for more than a decade.

On the night of June 14 in the Western Hemisphere and June 15 in the east, the ringed planet will reach what’s known as opposition, when it lies opposite to the sun in our sky. During this time, Saturn will stay visible all night, rising in the east at sunset and setting in the west at dawn. The planet will also be at its closest to Earth for the year, at about 840 million miles away.

This is as steeply tilted as the rings can get for observers on Earth, and it’s a sight that occurs only once every 15 years.

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