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Sky Lights Go Wild, North And South

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Sky Lights Go Wild, North And South

Postby sunnyd » Fri Mar 09, 2012 8:49 pm

Story :

The solar storm that sparked so much debate this week got its second wind overnight, rewarding aurora aficionados from the Arctic to the Lower 48 to Australia.

We're almost getting used to great views of the northern lights from places like Iceland (see above), Scandinavia and Russia - but last night's lights were visible from the top tier of the United States as well.

"Simply the most spectacular sighting ever, for me," a skywatcher from Pierz, Minn., wrote in a note to the Auroral Activity Observation Network. "While the color was only green, I witnessed curtains and rays, with much shifting. Most incredible were the pulsations, about two per second, that extended to zenith. ... Simply magical."

Other sightings have come in from Washington state, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Someone ever reported seeing a "very diffuse greenish glow" in the skies over Wyoming. "Would not have known that it was aurora if I wasn't paying attention to the current solar activity," the anonymous observer wrote.

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