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Online Storage

Postby oceanlvr01 » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:04 pm

I think that this is the right forum to post this question..but Mods..please move if I am incorrect.

My problem is this. I am sitting on several TB of media, pictures, music and files that I have collected over the years, (No..not porn..LOL)
Much of it would be difficult and sometimes impossible to replace.
I am starting to give some consideration to backing this up. My first thought is to want to use an online service.
To double my drives just for a backup seems like it would be expensive and I know I would not be dedicated enough to do backups daily...weekly...and maybe not even monthly.

I have considered online as a possibility..but I have a lot of questions..
Questions such as...can anybody get into my files for any reason when they are backed up?
Does having 8TB of data raise a lot of red flags and make people take an interest in you?
And the cost.....I have looked but have not seen any hard numbers on what the max storage would be 59.00/mo..
I am guessing it would not be 8TB though..they are talking in Gigs there. My trash can is more than a couple of gigs.

I am curious to hear what people have tried, how they liked it..and what would you think is the best solution?
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Re: Online Storage

Postby gremlin99 » Fri Feb 26, 2010 3:27 pm

Check out It's $55 per year and they claim the storage amount is only limited by your upload speed. I understand the information is encrypted. Or for peace of mind, you can buy several TB drives (cost~ $80 each if you get them on sale at newegg) and set up backup using a freeware backup soft.
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Re: Online Storage

Postby HouseCrowd » Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:55 am

Unless you've got super-high upload bandwidth, backing that much data up using online storage is impractical.

A duplicate set of data stored on removable drives would be more practical - and if you want off-site backups, in case of fire, etc, leave the drives at a friends house, or some other local but physically detached property.

And if you want the data to be extra safe, use external storage that has RAID.
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