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Q&A: The Evolution of Blogging

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Q&A: The Evolution of Blogging

Postby sunnyd » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:19 am,8599,1912249,00.html

In less than 15 years, blogging has exploded. Once a raft of small projects started by a few pioneering individuals, it has grown into a massive communication tool used by casual hobbyists and media behemoths alike. Blogs have evolved so much that the word has all but lost its meaning, serving as a catch-all for nearly any online communication.

Writing the history of blogs is therefore no easy task. But Scott Rosenberg, the co-founder of — an early online media player — and author of the new book, Say Everything, had the benefit of being around in blogging's earliest days. He talked to TIME about the history of blogs, the impact they've had on society and why they're not done reshaping the way we interact with each other.

How difficult was it to chart a history of a massive and diverse thing like blogging?
This is a phenomenon that starts small, then diversifies, then explodes at a certain point. At the small phase, it's not that difficult to shape the story. The first part of the book is really a series of profiles of people — Justin Hall, Dave Winer, Jorn Barger — who were some of the key figures in pioneering blogging. In the middle of the book, my job became picking out the stories that had the most to teach us about what blogging was all about. At that point, the challenge became figuring out what to leave out.

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