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BREIN summons The Pirate Bay to court via Twitter and Facebo

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BREIN summons The Pirate Bay to court via Twitter and Facebo

Postby SlyckTom » Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:30 pm

BREIN summons The Pirate Bay to court via Twitter and Facebook

Amsterdam, June 23rd. BREIN summoned the Swedish founders of The Pirate Bay (Fredrik Neij, Peter Kolmisoppi and Gottfrid Warg) to appear before the district court of Amsterdam on July the 21st. BREIN demands that the website of The Pirate Bay is closed down for The Netherlands.

The Pirate Bay gives access to an enormous quantity of films, TV series, music and computer games without obtaining authorization from the right holders. Neij, Kolmisoppi and Warg have been convicted in Sweden to one year imprisonment and 2.6 million Euro in damages. They have appealed this verdict. In the meantime the website still remains online. Therefore BREIN is demanding a civil injunction for The Netherlands.

As the Swedish bailiff has been unable to locate the defendants, BREIN has called on them via Twitter, Facebook and other means to appear before the Amsterdam court on July 21st.

BREIN director Tim Kuik: "You can find the defendants on Facebook and Twitter. Internet works for enforcers as well as infringers. Now they know about the court case in The Netherlands. The hearing is on the 21st of July."

That Neij, Kolmisoppi and Warg are aware of the summons appears to be emphasized by the regular DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on the BREIN site since its call via Facebook and Twitter. Kuik: "We are looking at the source of the attacks but it would be a remarkable coincidence…"
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