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FireFox: Fix Your Own Extensions

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FireFox: Fix Your Own Extensions

Postby Unbiased_Opinion » Sat Nov 26, 2005 3:50 pm

Ever wanted to upgrade to the latest FireFox to see what's new and improved, but didn't because of compatibility issues with your precious firefox extensions? Well, instead of waiting on the author to update the extension, how about you get off your lazy ass and fix it yourself. :wink:

First off, let me say that I have only tried this with about a dozen extensions, so I take no responsibility if you screw your FireFox to hell. :P Every extension I have edited has worked though, so it should work for most, if not all, other extensions.

Ok, so here we go.

Step 1 :arrow: Download your extension to your hard drive. You know like: Right Click>Save As.

Step 2 :arrow: Once downloaded go to the folder in which you saved the .xpi extension and open it. Choose WinRAR to open the file. If you already have this (.xpi) filetype registered with another program then use "Open With".

Step 3 :arrow: Now extract the install.rdf file to your computer. Leave WinRAR open for later use.

Step 4 :arrow: Now open the install.rdf with NotePad. You should see something like this:

Code: Select all
<?xml version="1.0"?>

<RDF xmlns=""

  <Description about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest">

    <em:description>Focus Last Selected Tab</em:description>
    <em:creator>Daniel Lindkvist</em:creator>

      <Description about="urn:mozilla:extension:file:flst.jar">

Step 5 :arrow: If you look closely above you will see the value <em:maxVersion>0.10</em:maxVersion>. So now all you need to do is change the 0.10 to whichever version you are using (or just put something like 1.9 :lol: ). After you changed the version number then save the file and close it.

Step 6 :arrow: Go ahead and go back to the WinRAR window you left open and drag the newly modified install.rdf into WinRAR. You should now have an Archive Name and Parameters window pop up inside of WinRAR. Make sure Add & Replace Files is selected and hit ok. Exit WinRAR.

Step 7 :arrow: Open that damn modified extension with FireFox and install.
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Postby HoboJoe » Sat Nov 26, 2005 3:56 pm

UO, your my HERO! :D :D :D
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Postby irish » Sat Nov 26, 2005 4:35 pm

Excellent little guide, succinct and to the point. Thanks for that :D
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Postby SaberBlaze » Wed Nov 30, 2005 10:45 pm

You can also install this extension:

It allows you to install extensions that are technically incompatible with firefox. It does not work on every single extension of course, but it does help.
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Postby SlyckChuck » Wed Nov 30, 2005 11:35 pm

Nice job in making this available for all. 8)
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Postby SaberBlaze » Thu Dec 01, 2005 1:56 am

For those that are curious:


EDIT:In my previous post, when I said that the extension didn't work on all of them, I meant that even if you force it to install, the extension itself might be to old to even work at all, or have broken features, you can still install all incompatible extensions though.
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Postby Christopher » Thu Dec 01, 2005 2:06 am

I really don't understand why they have maximum version installations at all. I have been using some of my extensions since .9, and all of them have worked flawlessly, even the ones that are supposed to be 'incompatible' with the newer version of Firefox.

Minimum's, I can understand. The extension might need to take advantage of a function or call that is only available in certain higher versions of Firefox.
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Postby thejynxed » Thu Dec 01, 2005 1:37 pm

The reason is, because Mozilla rewrote the way extenstions are handled internally in versions 1.5+, hence why alot of extensions are broken past a certain release point. Just changing the max version number in the extension itself is no guarantee that the extension will work or not break something else.
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Postby Dog » Sat Dec 03, 2005 1:05 am

I did it with the Silver Skin theme but there were a lot of bugs in there. I just got rid of it and I'm going to wait until the author finally makes his work compatible on 1.5
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Postby lordfoul » Sat Dec 03, 2005 1:20 am

I use this extension to install any extentions I want no matter what the version.
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Postby bitz » Sat Dec 03, 2005 2:30 am

So far I have 106 extensions installed with 1.5, many of which I had to change their install.rdf and so far they work.

In addition I've 16 themes installed and again many I manually fixed thier install.rdf's.

For the themes I know that firefoxmodern and brushed works with 1.5

Yes with so many extensions installed firefox takes about a minute or so to load, then again I don't care because I rarely need to reload it, just keep it running.

So until the manually fixed extensions get officially updated for 1.5 I'm set. :)

Strangely enough my new 1.5 installation, is even cooler than my old install of 1.0.7, as I went through the update site and found more cool extensions. Granted I have not reinstalled all of the old 1.0.7 extensions yet, but I have close to all of them.

I think before releasing 1.5 it would have been nice for a group of extension developers to go through and fix existing extensions to work with the new release.

Guess I'll just have to wait and see how messed up my 1.5 installation is, as with this many installed extensions, there are bound to be many bugs.
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Postby Vampirescu » Mon May 08, 2006 12:22 pm

man i rememeber i had some awesome extensions in teh past, forget what but i miss them.
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Postby pepe0007 » Tue May 15, 2007 5:06 pm

I try to avoid Firefox extensions. I don't know for sure whether they are the cause, but I have major stability problems with Firefox (like crashing every two or three days).
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Postby SwordOfZork » Tue May 15, 2007 5:20 pm

pepe0007 wrote:I try to avoid Firefox extensions. I don't know for sure whether they are the cause, but I have major stability problems with Firefox (like crashing every two or three days).

Woah, ancient topic bump.

But seriously, why use Firefox at all if you don't use extensions? Thats pretty much the only advantage it has as a browser. You might as well be using IE7 or Opera if you're not going to use extensions.
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Postby Artie » Tue May 15, 2007 6:21 pm

SwordOfZork wrote:Woah, ancient topic bump.

I definitely agree with you there. What I happen to notice is that the more of a newbie poster somebody is, the more he or she is likely to bump up a thread without being aware of it.

newer newb = direct relationship = thread bump

SwordOfZork wrote:But seriously, why use Firefox at all if you don't use extensions? Thats pretty much the only advantage it has as a browser. You might as well be using IE7 or Opera if you're not going to use extensions.

Well, I'll definitely have to disagree with you there. Even though I personally use SlimBrowser, I can think of many reasons why someone would want to use FF over IE, or even Opera for that matter, but I really don't want to ignite the browser wars again, else it'll become very redundant. Every browser has its pros and cons, and every user uses a certain one for his or her own reasons.

Edit: Stupid me. I just noticed that this thread was a sticky :roll:. Obviously that would account for part of the reason it got bumped.
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Re: FireFox: Fix Your Own Extensions

Postby rsrikanth05 » Mon Dec 08, 2008 7:26 am

Wow, thanks a lot, I have a lot of friends complaining about this problem, I sure hope they'll take this..
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Postby bmh67wa » Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:50 pm

SwordOfZork wrote:
Woah, ancient topic bump.

And again. :roll:
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Re: FireFox: Fix Your Own Extensions

Postby ejonesss » Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:05 am

that works as long as the code of the extensions are actually compatible.

take for example pith helmet for safari mac.

pith helmet out of the box is only compatible with 1 version of safari.

after modifying it works for a few versions.

now when safari 3.2 came out then safari would crash .

fortunately there is a new version of pith helmet out.

pith helmet is an ad blocker that you can block images or entire urls with.
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