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TorrentIt Makes Long Awaited Comeback

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TorrentIt Makes Long Awaited Comeback

Postby Overnet User » Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:54 am

Story :

TorrentIt is far from a newcomer in the BitTorrent community. The tracker has been around since 2004, but since it ran into the Duch anti-piracy lobbyists from BREIN, it has been offline. This weekend, however, the site officially relaunched, with help from their friends over at DigitalHive.

In BitTorrent terms, TorrentIt has quite a long history. The tracker started out in 2004 as 123Torrents. In early 2005, they lost the 123Torrents domain, and while negotiating to get it back, took on the domain When negotiations failed, they decided to keep the TorrentIt name, and applied it to the newly created pirate theme for the site.

TorrentIt, which had 27,000 members at its peak, was known for having a large mix of scene and non-scene torrents, and for a very tight community. In April 2006, BREIN went after the original owner, who lived in the Netherlands, forcing the shutdown of the site under legal pressure. The TorrentIt crew decided it was better to take the site down than to have him take the heat, and took the site down.

Almost a year later in January 2007, some of the former staff members decided to bring the site back, under a new domain, one not attached to the original owner. The intention was to open by the end of May, but that never happened. The deadline was missed, and it took more than a year before the site was ready for its official relaunch.

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