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Grabit 1.72 released ** now with SSL **

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Grabit 1.72 released ** now with SSL **

Postby chainmail » Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:06 pm

Grabit 1.72 released ** now with SSL **

This version of Grabit has a lot of improvements and new features, including SSL support (finally!)

GrabIt 1.7.2 ßeta released! - 09/08/2008
A lot of work has gone into this new release. Major new features are SSL support, a HUGE improvement in the decoding time and a lot of bug fixes. Just download it and give it a try! If you have a Search and Download account there is also a new SSL server waiting for you! Just log into your Members Only section and use the 'Account information import link' at the bottom to import the new server.

Happy grabbing!

A full list of changes since GrabIt release 1.7.1:

* Added support for SSL server connections;
* Rewrote the yEnc decoder for improved speed;
* Decoder and Repair and Extract now run at the same time to stop the 'Waiting to decode' list from growing;
* A lot of small performance enhancements;
* BUGFIX: Some uuEncoded binaries imported via the NZB importer where corrupted or being saved as text files;
* BUGFIX: Resuming a batch with decoding binaries that are already decoded no longer results in a hanging decoding thread;
* When there is only one server profile, the NZB importer will just import a NZB file when it is double clicked instead of showing the import window;
* BUGFIX: GrabIt now detects when the 'gobbledygook bug' appears and resets the connection before moving on to the next download item;
* Increased the GrabIt Usenet browser history to 90 days of headers;
* New layout always shows the batch statistics;
* GrabIt can now continue to download binaries with an 'Article not found' error, increasing the possibility to complete a binary with a PAR set;
* BUGFIX: 'Error downloading article' bug;
* BUGFIX: A thread being activated while GrabIt is paused will only start downloading after GrabIt is unpaused;
* BUGFIX: No more flickering status messages while GrabIt is paused;
* It is now possible to Repair and Extract to a folder outside of the Download folder;
* It is now possible to disable the creation of a new folder for each RAR set;
* BUGFIX: Repair and Extract no longer leaves behind .1 files from repaired file sets;
* The Pause button now offers the ability to automatically resume after a preset time;
* It is now possible to Shutdown, Hibernate or Suspend the system or Close GrabIt after the batch has been processed.
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