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Demonoid Demise, Alternative.

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Re: Demonoid Demise, Alternative.

Postby herbal t » Sun Dec 23, 2007 8:24 am

Been using for a while now, if you treat the network with respect this is a good site as you can quite quickly build up a good ratio :headbang:
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herbal t
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Re: Demonoid Demise, Alternative.

Postby rushomancy » Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:22 pm

For the record, here are the qualities I believe a torrent site as useful and worthwhile as Demonoid should have:

1. Reasonably easy to get access. Demonoid didn't have "open" registration per se but they did open it up one day each week for new users. Requiring invites can also work, as long as you don't then make the invites impossible to get. IMO a site should have a userbase of at least 10,000 registered users before switching to an invite-only system.
2. Ratio requirements should not be draconian. First off if your site has a ratio requirement of 1.0 you can't do basic math and your site is instantly disqualified. Similarly sites with ratio requirements like 0.9 are sites I will never visit and upload to, and given that I have a lot of interesting and rare stuff to upload that's a loss to the community. You will wind up with a bunch of Dutch dudes posting "The top 1000 Songs Of 1987" over and over again if your rules are set up like that, or even worse a bunch of "scene" nurds with fast pipes and no brains. IMO a site should not have a minimum required ratio higher than 0.5. (0.33 or 0.25 are good choices too, if you're going to have a required ratio at all.)
3. Speaking of "scene" a good site should have more to offer than the usual scene garbage. If I go to a site and all their torrents are twelve different cams of the latest piece of big-budget crap out in the theaters, it is not a good torrent site. What made Demonoid great was that there were a wide variety of files put out by dedicated uploaders who often had niche or obscure interests in addition to the big-name stuff of the moment. Honestly if I were running a torrent site (I'm not and never will), I'd outright ban cams and TS torrents except in special circumstances (Something like the Dali/Disney film "Destino", there are cams out there of that but no direct copy, and who the hell knows if or when it'll ever come out on DVD, so I'd be inclined to say a cam is OK for that.)
4. Of course, 99% what makes a torrent site good is its userbase; if you're running a general-purpose torrent site, you need lots of users, and lots of torrents. If I go to a site that wants to follow in Demonoid's footsteps and see that they have a total of 75 torrents, that torrent site is not ready for prime time. This is perhaps the hardest of all things for a torrent site to do, is reach critical mass in user interest. After you get to that popularity level all you have to do is keep things going and try not to get sued out of existence or cut off by your host, but in the beginning, for a site, it's hard.
5. Regarding rules: There should be some, but for a general-purpose site they shouldn't be overly draconian. If it's a music-only site you can insist on EAC, FLAC, MD5s and FFPs, but if your site is general-purpose it should stick to things like no porn, no passworded RAR files, no fakes, stuff like that. And then it should of course enforce those rules ruthlessly, rapidly, and without exception.

If anyone knows of a currently-running tracker like this, I would love to hear about it.
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Re: Demonoid Demise, Alternative.

Postby Aachen » Sun Dec 23, 2007 2:01 pm

if Demonoid never back will be hard another site replace it :!:
and wow, how many tracker site born this year, 99% of links in this topic i never saw before
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Re: Demonoid Demise, Alternative.

Postby bruckwine » Sun Jan 06, 2008 3:55 pm

So frustrating! I was on demonoid for over 2 yrs and had a ratio of at least 5 (upped about 100 GB, mostly rmvb conversions including a Man Utd one that was quite popular 8) ) but NOW..I can't get into anything but public! Thought Demonoid would hold out after finding oink down but... they shouda seen it coming after the pig was cut into bacon strips though and got out of North America.

Anyway I'm in the same both as some off you - public trackers been ok enough for some things, even gone DC++ to get others, but I'd really love to get back on the private scene. i'll check a few of these out (those that don't require begging on every forum for an invite) and hope a few reach that level again. :(

Anybody have any other reccommendations on quality sites that aren't invite-only yet?
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Re: Demonoid Demise, Alternative.

Postby chinapoppi » Sun Jan 06, 2008 5:07 pm

I gather, by the number dogmatic comments thus far, there are too many enamored (or should I say "entrenched") people with the belief that Demonoid.Com will once again return too its former glory and save them from having to search out alternative BT sites offering categorized and articulately-commented torrents for them too download ad nauseam...

:nopity: Think Again.... :!:

You had the same "Call-to-Forum" when Suprnova.Com met its demise several years ago and it never returned, do you really have to repeat historical inaccuracies(i.e; "wishfully thinking outloud") too realize that Demonoid.Com will never return...

It is best to move on and remember what was, and try other existing P2P operatives like Newsgroups and the other "lessor-known" BitTorrent sites, and once-and-for-all remember that sites like Suprnova and Demonoid had too force their users to do the "simplest" of things like: "adding comments to the torrents they upload/download, maintaining a decent Ratio or be banned; etc", too cultivate into a world-class P2P torrent center, and the exact same things can be done with any of the other fledgling BitTorrent sites out here.....

But it seems that everyone else waits for the next person to contribute before they'nt that right?~ :tinfoilhat:

Poppi~ :wink:
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Re: Demonoid Demise, Alternative.

Postby celldweller » Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:54 am

That freedom site dosen't even have any Family "Dude", whats up. I been using its got 0day realases of America "Father". I mean I think to quote a bulgraian prime minster he said somthing like it was the biggest priavte tracker in euroupe. By private meaning you need to register. is good also I use Btjunkie and ISo hunt for meta searching. But yes I know how hard it is to miss such a great private place free of fakes. You know it really sucks when your downloading a uhh buncha public domain works and their all fakes by pranksters.
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Postby bestfriend » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:02 am

After a 3 weeks of being active at i have really took a liking to it. It looks as if the creature of this site decided to make a place that would make you fill at home again.

its working

Anyone else member over there?
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