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new to newsgroups, ahh pedo sh*t

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Postby LobsterJohnson » Mon Jan 01, 2007 12:16 pm

The name Carl. Running around file sharing networks are a set of photos which depict a Mexican or other Hispanic family having sex with one and other. The pictures are marked with the words "Photo by Carl" and have since been made a catch all tag for kiddie porn.
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Re: new to newsgroups, ahh pedo sh*t

Postby mindless » Fri Aug 24, 2007 4:36 pm

I will tell why I think the reason is that you are now finding seemingly innocuous files for download where they are named like something legit. Its because it is a safer way for pedo's to trade collections. server logs showing that they had downloaded/uploaded a file called 'little becky 5yo.mpg' would instantly tip off any agency that may be watching. but if you're trading something like 'fear Factor S1E3 {fishfood}.mpg' then it provides a level of secrecy. It also provides them plausible deniability in that they can deny knowing the media was of an illegal nature. It also ensures that others download the file increasing it's availability thereby making it easier for your pedo friends to download it. All the pedo neds to know is the keyword {fishfood} to find a collection of similar files.

Its just an evolution of file trading to increase their chances of finding suspect material, its really quite cleaver but I don't really understand the motivation behind them going to these lengths on usenet, P2P maybe but doing it on the newsgroups doesn't make a whole lot of sense?
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Re: new to newsgroups, ahh pedo sh*t

Postby scubascythan » Sun Aug 26, 2007 12:30 am

Don't bring up posts half a year old....
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Postby sabremyth » Sun Aug 26, 2007 6:53 am

blackmesa8 wrote:Its not hard to avoid that stuff on usenet if your sensible and read the subject and names of files uploaded.

I have however been trying to get my isp that has a free 7 day retention server to remove the group

i mean on other porn groups fairplay they cant check out every picture/file uploaded for child porn that would require an insane amount of man hours of work.

But they could at least remove groups such as that.


By removing groups you are promoting censorship. That goes against what usenet stands for. There are other ways to avoid pedo stuff. Like you mention this specific group has pedo crap in it. Thanks, now at least those of us who know will avoid this group. Those who want pedo will get it anyhow. At least by knowing which groups are the ones we can avoid it is safer. Instead of asking every ISP to remove them. That is not the way of Usenet.

IMO , Slyck is a great place to post any reported groups. I am sure relevant authorities will take note in time and do something about it. In the meanwhile, better be safe than sorry. If you know a group please report it so a majority of us can avoid having to go through the same torture. Search engines can remove them from indexing as well. I dont care if a few pedos get what they want, I am sure they'll get whats coming to them as well.

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