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Tom Beats Legend of Zelda for NES in 35:12

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Tom Beats Legend of Zelda for NES in 35:12

Postby IceCube » Mon Feb 19, 2007 1:20 am


I didn't know Tom was so good at Legend of Zelda. Anyway, a speedrun of an oldschool game done at an insane speed. Personally, this game takes me days to beat still.
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Postby Artie » Mon Feb 19, 2007 2:42 am

One of my favorite and most memorable games for me back in the day. The original Zelda was THE game at the time, and for me it was the perfect combination of action combat and RPG. I remember I played much of it with a friend, and we just couldn't figure out where the hell level 7 was. It became very frustrating. We were about 11 at the time. What was ironic though was that his kid sister found level 7 by just experimenting around with the game. In retrospect, that was a bit humbling and embarrasing for both of us, but exciting during the time. I eventually did beat Gannon in the end.

Zelda 2 was a bit of a deviation from the original, but still interesting in its own right. I never beat that game, but only got up to the end castle.

The 8-bit NES holds a lot of good memories for me besides Zelda, and to this day, even though I don't play games much, I still think about the good ol' times every now and then.

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