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Please Read Before Requesting Help

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Please Read Before Requesting Help

Postby fernandose » Mon Oct 31, 2005 3:49 pm

Here are a couple of guidelines i think people should read before requesting help as it will reduce common posted problems...sticky?

1)I keep getting Incompletes, How do i repair my files? , How do i join my files?...

PLEASE read the slycks guide on newsgroups as it basically covers some the basic fundemental operations when using Newsgroups. E.g.
a. UnRaring
b. Reparing filesets
c. Creating Parsets
d. Creating Archives
I've seen too many posts asking how to do simple jobs when all they need to do is read the slyck guide

2)Free NewsGroup Servers

For all the people who are looking for a free newsgroup accounts im going to make it clear for you:
a. Basically no-one is going to tell you where you can find free newsgroup servers (not even those sh**y newsgroup lists). Think about it, if you found an open decent newsgroup server, would you want to share it with the whole world, who would all leech on of it until the server was sucked dry and would be forced offline after 10mins of you spillin the beans?
b. Free Newsgroup Servers are never going to be as good as premium servers, for example they will have poor rentention, sluggish speeds and most of all fluxuating uptime. So i recommend just gor for a premium account.

3)How do i do this with my newsreader...?

There are loads of guides on the net all teaching how to use the popular of newsreaders.
For example:
Slyck have guides for the following apps: Slyck's Guide to Grabit
Slyck's Guide to Agent
Slyck's Guide to Xnews

And have a good list of tutorials / guides on a good number on newsreaders

4)Connection Problems With Your NewsServer?...

Before posting your connection problems and checking if other people have the same problem, check your news provider system status or frontpage for any news. I do know for sure that GigaNews, NewsHosting and UsenetServer offer this.

5)What is The Best News Provider?...

Before asking a personal opinon from someone ,check that your going with the provider that suits your needs. You can do this by reading the posts / sticky's or by reading Slycks Rating System

6)Free NZB sites? has some excellents list with the option of a poll aswel ;)


7)I need help with this...??

When asking for help please state the problem as clearly and shortly as possible in your topic title (this is a basic general slyck forum rule) as it speeds up the process of people helping you and it can help other people out who are having the same problem. So please avoid titles such as
"novice need urgent help"
"can some1 help plz"


If anyone has anything more to add, then just let me know and il update the guide.

Im not trying to discourage people from asking help (you would have seen that i have not written 'don't post' under each topic anywhere) but mearly have given you alternative options to improve the way this newsgroup forums works and operates.


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Re: Please Read Before Requesting Help

Postby HouseCrowd » Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:26 pm

fernandose wrote:sticky?

I don't see why not! ;)

Nice work! :D
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Postby LxBeast » Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:27 pm

Ditto. :D

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