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NZB Trend Update (Android App)

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NZB Trend Update (Android App)

Postby NZBTrend » Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:18 pm

Good Afternoon All,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up. I've released a new app to the Android Market titled NZB Trend. I sincerely hope i'm not breaking any rules by talking about this, but I figured this subforum would be the best place. If i'm breaking rules, please let me know.

For those who haven't heard of our app, NZB Trend is a android app that shows trending on what the usenet scene is downloading at the moment. We poll a few of the best indexing sites to show you
what everyone is downloading.

We've recently updated our app to 2.0 which features a brand new layout. From the feedback that we have gathered, one of the biggest items was that the app needed a better UX. We hope we have accomplished this task!
We've significantly increased performance when loading sub categories and just general scrolling from item to item. There have been numerous other fixes and enhancements that I won't bore you with, but we would like some additional feedback from you. How can we improve? What options would you like to see in an upcoming release? Is there anything you don't like about the new layout?

Here a few items that we will be looking to implement in future releases:
1. Ability to add personal indexers
2. Ability to download NZB and send to SAB
3. Enhanced Movie and TV Information
4. Integration with CouchPotato, SickBeard, Headphones etc
5. UX enhancements like pull to refresh, movie/show notification system
6. Keyword search in indexers ... s.nzbtrend

Thanks again for all your help and looking forward to additional feedback,

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Re: NZB Trend Update (Android App)

Postby NZBTrend » Thu Dec 26, 2013 5:39 pm

Just a quick note, I've updated the app today to include an "Other" category that includes 0Day Apps, Android apps, comics and E-Books. I'll be working on adding custom indexers soon that will allow you to download NZB's.
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Android App Update (NZB Trend)

Postby NZBTrend » Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:22 pm

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that we have released a new version of our app that includes a premium content option. Premium content includes the ability add your own indexers and use them to find items from our top lists. We allow you to download the nzb directly to your mobile device or to send it to your SABnzbd server. You can also now control your SAB server by pausing, resuming, throttling or totally removing nzb's. Purchasing the premium content will also remove the ads and you are locked in with the price so that additional features that come will be free for you.

Some features that we are working on include:

Being able to search all indexers at once
Pull to refresh (UI Enhancement)
Full text search from each indexer
NZBGet integration
Services like CouchPotato, SickBeard, and Headphones

We have also added a XXX category in the standard app. The subcategories are IMGSET, X264 and XviD.

I'd love any feedback you have for the app! Do you want certain services before others? Any layout changes you would like? Any categories to add? For the fastest response, please use the feedback option in the app, but I will be trying to check this forum as well.

NZBTrend Dev
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