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Need advice on Red Orb News vs Binverse

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Need advice on Red Orb News vs Binverse

Postby rw2341 » Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:58 pm


I've been using Azureus for some time now, I am with BT broadband, I believe that BT does a lot of throttling, during the day it's very slow so I do my downloads after midnight. But with all the new changes I’ve decided to start using the paid versions, that way I don’t have to worry about warning letters and fines.

Which one is better, Binverse or Red Orb News? Better about selection of films and sports events like UFC and Pride and also about speed. Which one is easier to set up? I used the free trial from Binverse and it was easy to set up, I tried the free version from Red Orb News and I needed to download 2 other things as Red Orb News doesn’t have a client, I can’t get it to work.

I’m staying with some friends, I’m using a wireless device to connect my computer to the BT router, am I still protected if I use SSL 256 bit encryption? [b]Is SSL encryption a 100% secure?

Will those companies ever divulge my credit card details at a later stage? What if I use PayPal is it safer?

Thanks in advance, this is the first time I use this forum,

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Re: Need advice on Red Orb News vs Binverse

Postby leyton » Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:32 pm

I use binverse, been with them for about 6 months all has been well,its all in one client easy set up :oops: i like you started of with the free trial then after 2 days i set up my account with binverse all was not good for that day,had proplems with my email not reciveing my password from them,,, so i phone them up and with in 10 mins all was sorted out,for some reson my virgin email account would not recive there emails so i gave them gmail acount, i gave them my card details,ive never looked back since takeing out the 30 gig option :thumbup: This might not be right for you but i love it, has for giveing your card details out its up to you

Has for being throttled with bt im with virgin and that throttles me and it does afect my download with binverse :pissedoff: goes right down to 2000 kbps in stend of 10000 kpbs

If you do go with binverse then look @ this site <<<<<you need to sign up to this site its all free thought just need a email and its good for comments and stuff you said you like!
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Re: Need advice on Red Orb News vs Binverse

Postby Wrinkles » Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:12 am

I would say first you should just get used to using your own newsreader. AltBinz, SabNZB, GrabIt, etc. Once you master that you can use any provider you wish to. Why are you limiting yourself to Binverse or red orb news? Both are somewhat more expensive than what can be found elsewhere. Were you fine with using less than 30 gigs per month with binverse? Why not get just a real block account that way if you use less than 30 gigs per month you dont lose them all? Blocknews or Usenet-News can help you out. This way you only have to pay once and not pay again until you use it up.
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