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[Index] NGindex defunct or scam?

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[Index] NGindex defunct or scam?

Postby nntp-guy » Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:14 pm

I dabbled with newsgroups in the late 80's/early 90's before mitgrating to other mediums such as irc and such. At the time, I used my ISP's newsgroup access with outlook express.

I've since decided to return to newsgroups after having been out of the loop for 15+ years. That's when I found Slyck's newsgroup tutorial. I changed ISP's and my current one doesn't offer newsgroup access so I picked up a premium pay one. I've also downloaded and installed the Alt.Binz program. When it came to choosing the index site, I tried Slyck's recommendation of nbz matrix but met with some difficulty registering. Seems the site wants cookies enabled? I complied and set my browser (IE) to enable all cookies but got the same error. At that point, I jumped the gun and figured I got a paid newsgroup subscription why not an indexing one? I ended up getting one from NGindex.

The moment I got an email confiramtion with a successful registration/purchase, I tried to login and the page froze. Wondering if the site stop responding or my broswer crashed, I decided to just close my broswer and visit the site again. Now I get a "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" message each time I visit the site? After going in circles with their tech support, I went on a hunch that my ip address was blocked and anonymized myself and was able to successfully visit the webpage. I entered the login I signed up with and it did not work. I even used the password recovery utility and entered the one sent to me by the site to no avail. Almost seems like its just a front?

I'm a little frazzled over this and it has been a shakey start returning to newsgroups. Anyone have any input on this?


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