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Newsleecher supersearch vs Newzbin

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Newsleecher supersearch vs Newzbin

Postby baskinghobo » Sat Nov 07, 2009 9:52 pm

My parents are currently paying for newsleecher supersearch since its cheap. I have heard that newzbin is the best indexer around but my parents say that if i want to change services that means i have to pay for it. Would it be worth it or should i just stick with newsleecher supersearch?
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Re: Newsleecher supersearch vs Newzbin

Postby velocity37 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:01 am

SuperSearch just just searches headers for you instead of having to download them, right? There's free alternatives like Binsearch and NZBIndex for that.

Newzbin has posts hand-picked by editors, and users can comment if there are problems with the post, so it's definitely a great convenience. There's also the ability to search headers, much like you'd have on SuperSearch and free services. That'd be the reason you'd go for Newzbin over header searches, because there's a human element.

Plain header searches on Newzbin aren't shabby either. With the exception of retention, it's definitely better than the free ones I mentioned. It's probably no better than what you get with SuperSearch, though. There are a couple of cons to Newzbin's header search. Newzbin doesn't index JPG files, so if there are screenshots or covers included you won't get them, and if those they are included in the PAR2 set you'll have to repair it. I've also noticed when trying to grab large amounts of posts in a group, there will rarely be a spot with some errors, damaging the generated NZB. For instance, if I select 80GB of posts on a page and generate an NZB, there may be an error around 40GB in, and the other 40GB of (presumably valid) posts in the NZB are skipped by NewsLeecher. It's kind of a pain, since I have to find that same period of time on another search engine or resort to downloading the group headers (what I was trying to avoid to begin with). This happens very rarely, but it's worth a mention (I've never had this happen on reported posts, only on the raw search).

Retention is another thing to think about. Newzbin's retention is 240 days for the foreseeable future, while SuperSearch's is around 300 (except porn).

A year of service will run you 15.6 GBP (~26.20 USD). Newzbin offers half-off around new years, so that'd be a good time to buy a 1yr block.
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Re: Newsleecher supersearch vs Newzbin

Postby BiG » Sat Nov 21, 2009 11:25 pm

I dumped Newzbin awhile back, they're not what they once were IMO.

Check out NZBMatrix and/or NZBsRus
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