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GrabIt - problems connecting to SSL servers..

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GrabIt - problems connecting to SSL servers..

Postby malcontent » Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:23 pm ... &newsid=16

This was posted in the AstraWeb support area.

GrabIt Intermittent Connection Errors.

You might have problems connecting to our SSL servers if you're using GrabIt (version 1.7.2 beta 3 and below?).
We've had many users report that GrabIt has intermittent problems connecting to any SSL servers, whether
connecting to Astraweb or another usenet provider.
If you are experiencing this, then either do not use SSL with GrabIt or try another news reader from our
recommended list. At this stage we can not confirm whether GrabIt works properly in non-SSL mode. If
in doubt, use another news reader.
For all questions relating to GrabIt, contact the GrabIt author or check their website forum.
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Re: GrabIt - problems connecting to SSL servers..

Postby chainmail » Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:53 pm

This has occasionally been a problem, when a particular news server and a particular client just aren't communicating very well. It's often not exclusively the fault of one or the other, but both in combination. I've found that either switching to another server or using another client usually fixes the problem. So does switching from SSL to non-SSL connections. Reducing the number of connections seems to help sometimes also.

For people with only one provider who want to keep using the same client , and want to maintan SSL connections, using Stunnel with the client might solve the problem.
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