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Powerusenet is Up!

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Powerusenet is Up!

Postby kalone » Sun Feb 01, 2009 9:48 am

200 days binary, 1000 days text.
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Re: Powerusenet is Up!

Postby chainmail » Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:16 pm

Powerusenet and all of the other "companies" that Giganews owns and operates (,, just recently increased retention to a claimed 200 days.

Considering that Giganews, Inc. currently offers near-identical retention on both its core brand and its four "resellers" - why should anyone pay an extra $10/month for when (except for connection thread limits) the services of these four "resellers" are virtually identical?

Although giganews retention-search-engine lists it's actual retention as (currently) 201 days in most binaries, the site's front page still lists 240 days retention, which every Giganews user knows is wildly optimistic -- if not an outright lie.

According to the frequent complaints of users, the quality of Giganews (and presumably all it's other "resellers") has fallen drastically in the past few months. New posts (both direct uploads and peering) can take days to appear, if they show up at all. It's hard for Giganews to justify their premium price, when low-cost providers like Astraweb (a half/third of Giganews' cost) offer similar retention and don't suffer with these severe posting problems.
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