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Teranews free usenet news server *w/binaries*

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Teranews free usenet news server *w/binaries*

Postby chainmail » Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:19 am

This was just posted on

We have setup It should be considered beta and
downtime should be expected. It doesn't require a user name or password
to use. It's speed capped at 128kbits/500 concurrent users and does NOT
allow posting (don't ask for it to be enabled). We do not want the
support work of dealing with a public server that allows posting.

Existing paid members (non free) can login to
(same server) with their user name & password and get 2X the speed
limit. Posting is not allowed right now, but this will change for
actual users later. Usage of this server does not count against your

Right now, we just want to get reading stable. Port 119 and 443 are
supported. You must add to the end of your user name.

Retention on this server is quite decent (around 100 days at least) but I was getting corrupt downloads (partial rar segments with several MB missing) using old altbinz client. I suggest watching the rar files when they first start to download to make sure the rars are coming in complete. Good luck.
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