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Eweka Review

Postby ft66 » Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:36 am

This is a review of my experience with Eweka Usenet Service. I am located in New York united states and have a 15mbit line.
For US customers to pay for eweka using their debit/credit card they must become a member of a "paypal-like" service called clickandbuy ( I got suspicious after reading some negative reviews so instead of using my real debit card I installed and used the paypal plugin to generate a virtual mastercard card number which i used with clickandbuy (just found out about this paypal feature). The price comes out to $10.06 US dollars. The $9.96 (7.50 EURO) plus 10 cents foreign exchange rate. This does not auto renew, you simply pay per month.
The service is reliable as I have not have trouble connecting or anything crazy like corrupted downloads. But I received really low speed around 500 - 600 kilobytes per second. This is one third of what my line is capable of. You can do a speed test at this address ""
Eweka offers 8 connections and SSL on their server. The only two problems is while this server has over 170 days using nzb, the header retention is less than ten days and thereis no posting. To post binaries you use the posting only server, They claim anonymous uploading and I think I believe them. When i upload using my isp server, the articles contain my ip address in the NNTP-POSTING-HOST header, when I upload using Astraweb there is no ip address visible but they have an encrypted line in the x-trace header but Eweka has neither of these things. For discussion their is the server. You cannot use the main server for discussion groups since the headers are less than ten days and you can't post using it. Sadly headers on the textnews server is only 60 days even though the eweka website states it as being 1 year. Neither the upload server or textnews server are ssl capable. They do offer live chat and e-mail support. The live chat was good but they were not able to fix my speed problems. They do allow account sharing which is my main reason for signing up with them. Will I renew my subscription? No, mainly because of the low speed (this might be because i'm in the United States?) Would I recommend this service over others? No again. I think if your in the United States Astraweb is currently the best option.
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