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Postby fernandose » Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:21 pm


Me and salami have been working on a project for the past month that will hopefully be useful to the usenet community.

For those who don't know, salami was a 3rd party newsleecher plugin developer who programmed the popular rarslave addon for newsleecher which automated the repair and extraction of rar/par sets.

This project basically started off as we both help out a lot of people in many forums mostly about which usenetserver to go for and answering many questions related to information about usenet servers. So we thought, why don't we put down what we know on a website, as well as add some other features like ratings, technical info etc..
Your now probably thinking, isn't there slyck newsgroups rating section for this? Yes there is, but we think we can do better than slyck. Slycks usenet server section lacks technical information for the people who want to learn and we weren't fond of the system and design. However dont get us wrong, slyck's usenet server section is still very resourceful, as the community behind it makes it what it is.

Anyway, we've been working hard on making a simple, functional and hopefully resourceful info site on usentservers where users can rate their servers. We've only named the major usenet servers. We haven't finished with the site and plan on adding more information # for people to learn about, which we will do as we go along. Feel free to contribute to the site, because we both think this site can be a good trust-worthy resource hub.

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