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ISP Newsgroups - rules, servers, speed, quota, etc...

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ISP Newsgroups - rules, servers, speed, quota, etc...

Postby libuser » Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:55 pm

I do not know why there is not a sticky about that info, but I bet you a lot of people want that information. I was one of them, because I just moved, and did not know what ISPs here offered. Well, here is what I used to have before and now:

Check this great website below (thanks man). It has more info, but still if you guys notice something that is not there, and do not agree with the table, or something new, let me know, and I will update.
ISP: Road Runner Cable
News Server: news
User: <none>
Pass: <none>
Retention: 30-45 days binary / 300 days text
Speed Limit: No
Download Limit: No as far as I know

ISP: Verizon DSL
News Server: news[dot]verizon[dot]net
user: Verizon_email
pass: email_password
Retention: ??
Speed Limit: Unlimmited
Download Limit: No as far as I know

ISP: Comcast Cable
News Server: newsgroups . comcast . net
user: ??
pass: ??
Retention: 100 days
Speed Limit: Unlimmited
Download Limit: 1GB per day, but unlimmited for that day. (So, if you download 40GB in one day, you will not be able to download anymore the next day, get the idea)

Let me know for others, and I will update the thread.

Mods please make that sticky as this could save mucho dineros to some people.

Edit 1: Table is not complete, so to guide some users, we still need info on CompuServe, Covad, FrontierNet, GCI, Knology, MediaCom, Qwest(text retention ??), SBC, VISI, Whidbey, and anyone else you could think of.
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Postby riceboi » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:47 pm

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Postby offthewall1 » Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:06 pm

How do you access Road Runner Newsgroups? I never knew RR had it for free... :?
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Postby jefffisher » Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:43 pm

4 connections, port 119, adress , replace your area with whatever rr where you live calls itself "socal" for example. . those are the settings you should already know the basics
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Postby libuser » Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:37 pm

yes and no
rr has a local name for where you are so "news" would just point to it

so for server name (as per what I have written above), just type server, with no login and user, and you should be all good

btw rr was great while i still had it
and binary retention is 40+ days Its awesome
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Postby fut » Mon Apr 16, 2007 8:59 pm

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Postby LANjackal » Mon Apr 16, 2007 9:27 pm

There's also a rather exhaustive thread about Cox Newsgroups here. I'm too lazy to find it, but if you browse the Newsgroups threads, it should be somewhere in the first 3 pages.
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Postby fut » Tue Apr 17, 2007 2:32 am

ISP: Qwest DSL
News server: news . qwest . net
user: Qwest.net_email
pass: email_password
Max Simul Connections: 4
Retention, Binaries: 18 days
Speed: unlimited
Download Limit: none

(no MSN access)

Requires static IP, plus your email username & password for access.

Sometimes it seems like I'm the only Qwest customer using it. I download about 50 GB/month from it by using a 2nd server such as Free Teranews to automatically fill in a few missing pieces.
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Postby libuser » Thu Apr 19, 2007 3:51 pm

well how is it ?
is it worth it or should we pay for newsgroups ?>
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Postby Draco888 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 4:08 pm

riceboi wrote:or you can just read this..

It's seriously autdated when it comes to Belgian ISPs
Scarlet removed the binaries and will now remove even the text groups (including its own).

Dommel offers Giganews acces through its servers for as long as you are on broadband. With 40-50kbyte/line and 2-12 dynamic (depends on how busy it is).
Telenet and Belgacom, the two monopolists are also reducing their newsservers.
EDPnet offers 10gig/month acces to ..EWEKA I think...
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Postby johngalt » Mon Jul 02, 2007 4:24 am

Up front from a Cox user with access to Shemes - Cox has more groups but not as good retention, supposed to be 30 days, but they are still struggling on that end - but definitely better than the 3-7 days it used to be and is now a great backup to my Shemes server.

AFAIK there is no daily quota, but there is a 4 connection limit - which can be circumvented as there are 2 Cox servers, and you can log into both simultaneously - but I have also experienced a lot of unable to connect errors when splitting downloads between the 2 servers, and uses the *same* backe nd server provider that Cox does, so....I use Shemes instead - a lot more connections allowed.

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Postby starla3366 » Mon Jul 02, 2007 6:09 pm


no username
no password

30 days binaries
90 days text
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