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Re: Best Usenet-provider

Postby vpnandusenet » Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:00 am

SleepyOne wrote:The highest priced usenet provider gets 5 stars on price.
One of the lowest gets 4 stars on price.
And it's not based on user-reviews either since those give it 5 stars on price.

Why call it a "review site" when its obviously just a "highest rating goes to the ones that pays me the most for referrals"-site ?

And you give UNS 5 stars on reliability? UNS is notorious over many YEARS for being unreliable. But again... they do have nice referral deals...

Thanks for the feedback, seriously. I don't want to start some large debate, and you're certainly entitled to your own opinion. But I do want to respond...

We explain how we set the editor star ratings on this page:

Giganews has one of the worst affiliate programs in terms of $, to be honest. NewsDemon has one of the best (200% of sale). Don't believe me? Check for yourself. If we were doing what you claim, NewsDemon would be at the top. Giga got 5 stars on price because of all the extras - mimo, vyprvpn, etc. VyprVPN alone is another $15-$20/mo. We pretty much state that in the editors review. So for the price, a customer gets a good bargain (if they want extras - like I said earlier, YMMV)

As I said above, user reviews are worth just as much as editor reviews. The thought is, as user reviews pile up, the editors review will actually be outweighed by the community. Some of the news providers send people to review sites, it's obvious. I went here to Slyck to ask real people their thoughts, so again, I appreciate the feedback.

We (myself and one other editor, who was with UNS for 2 years) never had big problems with UNS. Unlike NewsDemon, which I regularly had problems with in terms of incompletes and connection speed. UNS also doesn't have the best referrals either. As FYI, they are run by Usenet Junction, and get you a relatively low %/sale. Ever figured what 10% of $10 is? NewsDemon has the best affil by far in terms of %. But I/we haven't had good experience with them, so we scored it as we saw it.

But I/We can't know everything, that's why people submit their own reviews. If you don't agree with the editors review, or the other customers, you can make your own post. It won't be edited (unless you curse or something I guess) I told you Astra was underrepresented as well (which is who I think you are referring as cheaper, and Astra actually gets 4.5 on price). Newshosting at $9.99mo deal for unlimited also got 4.5 on price. We had a hard time on that, because it's a discount price. If someone didn't know better they would be charged more. But we also rate the deals, which clearly UNS and Newshosting have pretty good for yearly purchases (and monthly). Those get 5 stars on price, and value, obviously.

Sorry you thought it was just about the really isn't...maybe for some of the larger sites that get traffic out the yin yang. But we certainly aren't. I'll take that to heart and see how we can better communicate it in the future. Feel free to leave your own reviews or don't, it's totally up to you. Thanks again though, gave me something to think about.
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Re: Best Usenet-provider

Postby sabremyth » Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:42 am

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Re: Best Usenet-provider

Postby tresani » Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:34 pm

I'm a big fan of thecubenet myself.
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