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Scientists Discover ‘Super-Earth’ That’s Only Six Light Years Away

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Scientists Discover ‘Super-Earth’ That’s Only Six Light Years Away

Postby bmh67wa » Wed Nov 14, 2018 1:23 pm

Story :

Scientists have discovered a “Super-Earth” orbiting Barnard’s Star, a red dwarf located just six light years from our solar system.

The exoplanet, called Barnard’s Star b, is the closest world to Earth ever detected in a single star system, and the second closest of all known exoplanets after Proxima b, an Earth-scale world located four light years away in the triple-star Alpha Centauri system. It is at least 3.2 times as massive as Earth and has a year of 233 days and an estimated surface temperature of around -170°C (-274°F).

This major discovery is the culmination of an international partnership led by Ignasi Ribas, a stellar astrophysicist at the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia. The team analyzed 20 years of observations catalogued by seven astronomical instruments, and published the results on Wednesday in Nature.

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