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NASA chief says 2018 budget ensures Mars mission still on track for 2033

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NASA chief says 2018 budget ensures Mars mission still on track for 2033

Postby MrFredPFL » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:40 pm

Story :

NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot said the agency’s goal of sending human to Mars by 2033 remains on track despite concerns raised about future funding and independent assessments that suggest such a mission is unlikely without a sizable, long-term increase in funding.

President Trump’s 2018 proposed budget treats NASA relatively well compared to other non-Defense agencies. Even though the $19.1 billion would be more than $500 million less than what Congress allocated to the agency this year, other agencies would have to absorb much deeper cuts under the White House plan unveiled last month.

At two separate House hearings Thursday, Lightfoot told lawmakers the $3.9 billion in the budget proposal for human exploration would allow NASA to continue developing its two key pieces of hardware: the Orion vehicle that will carry astronauts into deep space and the Space Launch System rocket that Orion will ride on past the moon and toward Mars.

Both systems are scheduled to be tested: first, in an uncrewed flight in 2019, then with astronauts into lunar orbit, no later than 2023.

good news. i'm really looking forward to this.

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